Being a good kiddy show means having something to teach the target audience. This page lists the basic themes of the series.

The darth dub version can be visited as well, once I bother making that page.

— "Akiramenai", Don't Give Up

The stock moral of the genre. It also adds an answer, don't give up cause you have responsibilities. It manages to somewhat steer clear of "you can do anything as long as you believe", by showing consistent failure despite belief, and other things bailing them out. One of the opening themes also includes the line "we won't reach our ideal".

— "Mori No Tameni", Nature Is Sacret

Don't fight in the forest, let's save the forest, and so on. It's a tree hugger thing ^_^.

— "Shinji no Kokoro", Don't Judge One Dimensionally

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— Responsibility

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— Return To Yourself

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