Episode 51
kagayaki ha diamond
Diamond's Radiance


The episode opens with the Mon Colle Knights inside the Fire Dragon, attacking together, and the Storm Angel ordering the Spiriol Storm Dragon to attack as well. Ichirobei tries to get into the battle, but barely avoids being hit, at which point the Wave Angel and Forest Angel have their dragons combine attacks to destabilize the ground.
Namiko is aboard the Katobi Lion and engages in a wannabe-epic rant about her role in the battle, which harvest a less than enthusiastic response from Team Collection. Count C orders Guuko, and she fires a missile. This causes one of the heads of the dragon to hit the ground. Team Collection promptly flies to the Stove Dragon to brag to Ichirobei.
Final Fire Dragon rams the Tyrant Terror Dragon, and the four dragons hover around the fallen creature. At this point Reda teleports back in and calls them fools, then initiates a new spell.
Zaha calls out to him, wanting to know what he's up to, but is ignored. Reda activates Deslightning, black lightning which passes through him into the Tyrant Terror Dragon, resulting in said dragon releasing a massive spherical electric wave that throws everyone to the ground and undoes the merge of the Knigths with the Fire Dragon.
While the view pans over everyone affected, the narrated explains about the spell as being a mixture of demon and time magic.
Zaha walks over to an unconscious Ciel to help her, causing Reda to laugh at them and tell them their fate has been sealed, then orders Oroboros to proceed.
View pans over the dragon and the spreading black smoke, and Reda gloats over it while Mondo and Rokuna watch helplessly.
Meanwhile, Beginner and Luke are somewhere in a trench in the wrecked landscape. Beginner is wondering how Mondo and Rokuna are doing, while Luke assures her they're probably fine and tells her to hurry and create her Stone Circle, so they can try to open the Black Hole and get back Utahime and Pegasus. Beginner happily replies that will surely lift the spirit of the Mon Colle Knights, but then doubts herself whether she alone can do something like that. Cue the love theme and a bumbling Luke, telling her she isn't alone, and they can perform the spell together. Beginner doesn't quite get why it's such a big deal to him, but calls forth her Stone Circle. They are about to try when black smoke waves across the nearby rocks.
They are about to be engulfed when the Katobi Lion, which was bounced off and is only now falling down, crashes right before them and redirects the wave to go around the two children. Luke and Beginner lock hands and invoke the spirits of the six gates and the holy element.
Meanwhile, the Katobi Lion juvenates into a Katobi Cub, throwing out its passengers.
Luke and Beginner activiate their spell, causing two rays of light to shoot up and throw the clouds into turmoil.
Mondo and Rokuna are still on the ground, defeated and wondering whether they really can't protect the six gates world. At this point, Utahime calls out, telling him not to give up, and Pegasus adds that they've come to join their fight. The kids turn to see Utahime and Panchi on Pegasus descending in a ray of light from the clouds.
Reda scoffs at them for still not having head enough, to which Utahime replies something about nakama and how everyone putting together their power can make a difference (?). Pegasus then tells the kids to look, and Luke and Beginner come on the little dragon, along with all the monsters from the Black Hole, as well as those who didn't come yet.
Ruth flies over to Zaha, is happy to see he is alright and tells him to take a look at whom he brought along. A pan shows all the demons that the Knights met on their journey and the demons of Kharon, whom have come to join their cause.
Reda can hardly believe his eyes, while the Storm and Flame Angel look on content. As Utahime and Pegasus descend before the Knights, the Flame Angel realizes that the world has united because of those two children.
At this point, there is a shift in the light from the clouds, and the Yondai Angels all look up in surprise. A shadow passes above the clouds, and they conclude the heavenly dragon has arrived. Each of the four activates a gate appropriate to their elements and channels it through their master dragon. Then they call out to Zaha and Ciel to give their power too, which they do.
The Yondai Tenshi each say something brief, explaining the nature of the event, then collectively call out for the Saint Star Dragon while a holy circle twists in the sky. From the clouds, the dragon descends. Several shots of the dragon are shown while the Mon Colle Knights and others watch in silent amazement.


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Primary Players


These monsters are those appear for support but get no role beyond providing energy. This list is incomplete yet.

46 - The Prophecy Of The Golden Dragon
  • Instead of saying he's happy to see Zaha well and that he brought along back-up, Lucca says that the Evil monsters have come to fight against Redda.
  • Instead of calling the situation ridiculous, Redda calls out to the dark monsters, chastising them for uniting with their sworn enemies.
  • Instead of muttering something about the six elements and their monsters, the Storm Angel tells Redda that everyone despises his devilish acts.
  • Instead of commenting on the six elements uniting and realizing it was because of the children this happened, the Flame Angel comments on how the Good and Evil monsters put aside their differences for this occasion.
  • During the appearance of the light dragon, the prophecy is explicitly stated as requiring all six items to be together and the uniting of the monsters. The original is more vague and does not state the items are a requirement.
  • During the summoning, a word over is added that tells the angels to direct their powers to the heavens.
  • Instead of saying it is for the harmony of the world, Spectra Angel simply says she is directing her power to the heaven.
  • During the gate formation, the angels talk about their savior and how evil will disappear from their world, rather than the holy dragon.
  • During the originally silent descent of the dragon, the characters are heard oohing and ahing and Luke says he thought the dragon was just a myth.
  • The dragon is given a voice and states to no one in particular that they summoned him from his resting place, then states who he is and that he will free Mon World of evil, and then says he great evil fell onto the world and tells everyone to give him their energy.
  • During the part where the angels explain the kids what they should do, the angels repeatedly refer to pure hearts, talk about how the children gave them hope for a better future and how their friendship brought everyone together, about how the prophecy tells of people coming from another world to destroy evil. There is no explicit mention of the "all is one" theme and any mention of the time avatar is cut.
  • Instead of politely requesting the power of the monsters, the kids order it. Their response to the receiving of the energy is also different.
  • The angels call Power Of Element, instead of simply the element. Spectra calls Goodness, instead of Holy.
  • Gabriolis does not call anything while the energy is given (Zaha calls Demon).
  • Rockna talks about feeling hope and good will, instead of everyone's heart being within her.
  • Mondo mentions seeing everyone's memories, instead of feeling everyone's power.
  • During the short flashback sequences, Mondo basically starts flattering him and Rockna, mentioning how much good they did.
  • Redda states that he will destroy them, instead of the half-insane rant on not forgiving them and calling for their death.
  • Gabriolis says Redda needs to battle him first.
  • Upon dying, Redda does the standard "No, how is this possible? My plan was perfect!" thing and then groans loudly, instead of muttering about how such little things could make a difference.
  • When releasing the final attack, the kids talk about uniting their power and freeing the world of evil, instead of mentioning who they do it for and initiating the spell.
  • Gabriolis says they did it and Kahimi says they saved the world and Ichirobei says well done and Beginner says they were awesome, instead of simply saying/shouting the kids' names.
  • Prince Eccentro talks about how it would be childs play to have won if his Flying Lion had not shrunk, instead of incoherent muttering about what the heck just happened.
  • One of the angels says that without body, Oroboros is damned to return to eternal darkness, instead of simply saying that Oroboros returns to the time realm. A line is also added over an originally silent bit that says that the gate is closing.
  • When the items break, the Flame Angel says they disappeared again because they served their purposes, which implies that normally they don't exist unless they have a purpose, even though they randomly lay around for years and years.
  • The Forest Angel says they disappeared because they can only be used once, instead of talking about the question of the two worlds.
  • Lines are added of the characters wondering what is happening to the clouds.
  • Prince Eccentro says Batchii executed his orders badly, instead of calling her a treacherous thing after she tries to blame him.
  • Strangely enough, Tanaka talks about Prince Eccentro finally having become a real man, like in the original. The only mayor difference of this part is the mention of Prince Eccentro's father and Tanaka calling his roses stupid.
  • Batch mentions something about Tanaka and Eccentro getting along being kinda sick.
  • Gluko mentions being sad cause this is the last episode, despite not looking sad.
  • The Golden Dragon shouts that evil is destroyed now and Mon World is secure, farewell, instead of the original who is still mute.
  • Mondo and Rockna thank the dragon and wish him a good journey. How he's supposed to hear them when they're talking so softly and Mondo has no telepathy is not explained.
  • The Golden Dragon shouts that the prophecy is fulfilled, may everyone live in peace, instead of the original, where Rokuna calls out to thank him.
  • The Flame Angel says she believes the worlds should be united and how they are destined to do it, instead of saying don't worry and talking about the items and two worlds.
  • One of the angels claims that six new items were created at the point when creatures from all six worlds came together. This is somewhat different from the original, where it's specifically linked to the elements coming together in the Saint Star Dragon.
  • Both Zaha and Gabriolis say something to the effect of "what's it gonna be?" but Gabriolis has an extra line about gladly helping them again and specifically addresses Mondo, while Zaha addresses both children.
  • During the entire conversation, the kids frequently refer to uniting the world. The original is more clear about what this means, they want to link the worlds (not physically merge them into one world). The word dream is not used in the dub.
  • Mondo says how everyone is so nice, instead of simply "mina".
  • Kahimi says it surely will be lots of fun and whether she can come too, instead of "I shall too".
  • Mondo says she can come cause he can look at her the entire time and how she is the most beautiful girl of the world, instead of thanking her and declaring eternal love.
  • Rockna calls back to someone undefined "goodbye and thanks for everything", while it's silent in the original.
  • Rockna, apparently from the future, narrates about how the adventure continued and how not only Pegasus, Gabriolis and Kahimi joined them, but also every monster they ever met stood at their side. Luke even learned to trust Mondo and they became best friends. They knew it would take some time finding the new items but they were the Mon Colle Knights after all. No such narration exists in the original.
  • Mrs. Loon says she is a great cook and thinks Ichirobei is cute while running after them, instead of simply saying they're nakama, right?
  • Prince Eccentro pleads angrily to the camera to be brought out of the show, instead of swearing he will never become a "true man".
  • During the final seconds, chatter of Mrs Loon and Prince Eccentro and his team are added. The last words are "shut up, Gluko." In the original, Chuzaemon has the last words (Hashu desu ne).