Episode 44
Wandering Tantantanchiki
Episode 43 / Episode 45



Grin And Bear It
  • A joke is added where Rockna mentions having hit her father on the head when throwing a wrench; no explanation given in regards to her superhuman aiming skills seen in the show.
  • The bolt joke is kept, but its tail with Mondo and Ichirobei getting comically melodramatic about airplane maintenance is cut and replaced by a more serious scene where Mondo asks Ichirobei to be his dad and talks about how he wants to be a scientist.
  • The Stove Dragon's launch sequence is only shown halfway in the original, since the characters are in the hangar. In the dub the entire sequence is shown, and the characters even comment on how it made no sense for them to go back up the stairs.
  • There are no kobolds on a quest for the grand golem, instead, bears look for their Overteddy.
  • A plot hole occurs when initially the bears know they live in a golem and how to switch it on, yet a minute later say that they've been searching for it.
  • The narrator explaining who the kobolds are is cut, along with the kobolds arriving in their lab.
  • The scene where the protagonists identify the golem is replaced with a much longer scene from another episode, during which the characters explain that buildings don't normally move and are shocked at the monster being made out of loam.