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Touched By A Mondo II
  • Dub title : Touched By A Mondo II
  • Along with the usual additional angsty monologues, Gabriolis claims that this here is the exact same spot where he fell, never mind his very oceanless intro episode or the flashback we'll having in a minute.
  • The Dutch dub interchangeably refers to Lark as he and she.
  • Redda claims that Gabriolis needs to use his anger and hate to transform.
  • Dub Mondo, despite having been a total jerk to Gabriolis earlier, suddenly is acting completely in character for his original counterpart.
  • The Angel of All Oceans says Lark sacrificed himself to protect Gabriolis. This is the closest it will ever come to stating how Lark died.
  • The whole segment where Spectra Angel descends is littered with monologue despite the fact the audience can see Spectra's mouth is not moving most of that time.
  • Gabriolis apparently cannot remember the truth because of darkness and anger poisoning his heart. Wait, does this mean Gabriolis's dissociative amnesia is deliberate or something?
  • Gabriolis needs to be reminded Spectra Angel is his sister by Spectra herself. Yep, definitely starting to look deliberate. Now answer how he got it, kay?
  • Spectra claims Redda lied to Gabriolis, except we never actually see this happening even during the dub flashback.
  • Spectra also claims that the war took place here, and here is still not a mountain range.
  • Lark is not the leader of the angels. If he had been, he would have been able to speak up clearly as leaders usually do, rather than shut silent.
  • Lark is not the Guardian Angel of the Good element. If he had been, he would have been able to just teleport Gabriolis to safety.
  • Lark did not take Gabriolis' place in battle. This is ridiculous not only because Lark doesn't look like a warrior, if he was the general, it's pointless that he would take the place of a minor soldier. He shouldn't even be looking after them and neglecting the entire army.
  • Spectra Angel did not witness his death, instead claims that he "was never seen again". How does the general win the war if he just disappears? She also lacks emotional response to the death.
  • Spectra claims that the Good side won.
  • Spectra claims that the angels never turn their back on anyone. This is contrary to the original, where it's explicitly mentioned that Zaha was left behind by everyone.
  • Gabriolis never uses racist slang against himself, and repeatedly mentions how much pain he caused. All fine and well, but he entirely lacks the idea that he could not be redeemed because of he cannot change back, a mention also cut.
  • Spectra equates Light with Goodness and tells Gabriols to leave the darkness behind him, where as Ciel tells him it doesn't matter what he looks like. Gabriolis mentions "home" where Zaha says "Ciel".
  • The Angel of All Oceans claims that the fire spell we just saw was an Evil spell.
  • Mondo says that he needs to return quickly, because Rockna can't fight Redda on her own. Aside of the fact she isn't fighting Redda, where does he get that idea?
  • While Mondo and the Water Dragon leave, Gabriolis and Spectra deliver a narmful message about friendship.
  • In response to Gabriolis' question of why, Spectra claims the Knights fight because they believe in friendship and always defended goodness.
  • Gabriolis first sweet talks Lucca, then accuses him of siding with Redda against him.
  • "Darkness Illusion" now is "We turn to the powers of the light!"
  • During the force field lift and the dragon transformation, footage is inserted of the rock stock variety. Where did the rock come from, and why is Reda doing nothing for so long?
  • Recycled footage of Gabriolis is added right after, where he comments on the rock stock, "What choreography, we can learn from them!"
  • How is Gabriolis still talking to the kids when he is a tiny dot far away on the evening sky?
  • After the evening scene, it's suddenly middle of the day again, the heroes are randomly cruising across the ocean and talking about nutrition bars. We may suppose Redda was right after all assuming that the heroes would stupidly hang around for hours and hours on end. Why isn't he attacking them now? That was his original plan, according to this dub.
  • About a whole minute was cut from this episode by taking away seconds here and there. Despite the added recycled footage, it still lasts less than the allowed 20 minutes.