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Touched By A Mondo I
  • Where Zaha is only angrily muttering during the opening sequences, Gabriolis has a long and wangsty monologue about how miserable he is.
  • Gabriolis doesn't recognize Redda and asks who he is, and Redda even comments on how weird that is, since he gave him his powers.
  • There is no narrator explaining how Reda is linked to Gabriolis' past, instead Lucca tells Gabriolis that Redda is a fallen angel like him, because apparently he can't tell.
  • Redda blackmails Gabriolis into cooperating with him by threatening to take his power away if he doesn't.
  • In order to make time for the elongated conversation mentioned above, earlier footage is recycled and a frame where Reda takes off his mask is reversed to have him place it back on.
  • Before the Knights arrive, footage is recycled of the wormhole journey, so that a joke about nutrition bars can be added.
  • According to the professor, the realm they arrive in is not the in the water realm, but the Realm of Evil.
  • When meeting the disguised Wave Angel, Rokuna remarks on how she thinks she is cute.
  • During the originally silent pan over the Deep Blue, Gabriolis wonders about whether he can find friendship here, which Redda mocks.
  • Gabriolis doesn't try to leave because Reda refuses to share information, but for another reason.
  • This reason is : "You have given me no reason to betray Tiamat", leading to an internal dub inconsistency : earlier they invented the blackmail excuse, which is a very good reason.
  • Lucca agrees with Gabriolis about leaving, contrast to the original.
  • Dub Redda apparently knows of Gabriolis' history with the Knights, which is odd since he never talks to him about the Gringul Orb and Gabriolis couldn't even recognize Redda at first.
  • Redda apparently has a very specific plan, which the "forefighters of Good from the other world" are going to mess with.
  • Redda orders Gabriolis to destroy the Knights if he wants to keep his powers.
  • During the meeting with Tiamat, the Professor claims that the Arialla Pearl is the most important monster item in the world.
  • Apparently there was a war between the universes, since Rockna tells Tiamat they want to use the items to restore the peace between the two worlds.
  • Where Reda asks Zaha was is wrong, Redda decides to wait out the battle, take the item from the winner (apparently he expects the winner to be so moronic as to distance themselves from Tiamat first, before going home) and Gabriolis will have to repay his debt later, despite the fact that mere minutes ago he ordered Gabriolis to attack them.
  • Gabriolis attacks Mondo due to previously unmentioned racism that doesn't want him to see the Monster Item in human hands.
  • Mondo tells him to get lost and provokes him repeatedly ("Stepped out of bed with the wrong leg?", "You're gonna have to aim better!")
  • The miniature flashback is cut away.
  • Gabriolis wants to kill Mondo for being obnoxious. Bad puns about fire are made.
  • Mondo supposedly fights back and encourages the Water Dragon to continue fighting. The whole "fighting doesn't solve this" element is hence removed.
  • Mondo is apparently only screaming out of patheticness, as Gabriolis comments. This seems to be an attempt to gloss over the "burned your dragon/psychic link torture" part.
  • Coatl Viperess' emergence and the split screen reaction is cut and replaced by an image of the bright sun on the clear blue sky.
  • Viperess is described by Redda as a deliciously evil monster.
  • There is no mention of Curse Circle, which according to a previous dub episode should be called Boomerang Spell.
  • Gabriolis provides exposition to Mondo that Redda now controls Viperess.
  • Redda apparently wants to destroy them all, which makes no sense since if he destroys Tiamat, he destroys the item.
  • He tells Gabriolis he should have obeyed him, and he is getting killed because he didn't.
  • Gabriolis threatens to not rest until he has robbed Redda of all his powers. How he intends to do that when facing imminent death is left to be answered, likewise for why he only wants that in retribution for assassination, while he has a death wish for Mondo merely because Mondo is human.
  • The battle spell Catastrophy is changed to Naaaaaaaaaaaa.
  • Rockna calls for her father as if he had been caught in the explosion, despite the fact that he is behind her.
  • Tiamat says that what Redda did is the greatest evil she ever saw in the whole world. This doesn't line up with the fact she's likely old enough to have seen the previous wars.