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The Vampire Strikes Back

This episode has not been fully compared to the dub yet, but here are some changes so far :

  • This episode was aired as episode 4 in the English dub, but was in chronological order in the other countries's versions.
  • Mondo explicitly refers to how the Mon World Cards will help them; this creates a plot hole when the dub later starts using some of the rules from the original regarding summoning.
  • According to dub canon, throwing up a card is what makes monsters appear, rather than an effort of gate creation and being able to strike a psychic link. There is no explanation why Mondo needs Rockna to do it.
  • At the end, where originally Mondo and Rokuna laugh as they are oblivious to the attacking vampire, dub Mondo and Rockna emit frightened screams as if they already noticed him despite not having eyes in the back of their heads and visually laughing.
  • The Garuda, renamed Phoenix, says she is sure they will meet again. According to dub canon, yes they will, since her introduction episode was aired after this one, and this was their first meeting.