Episode 19
My Little Brother Kenta-kun!
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The shows opens to Rokuna sweeping during clean up duty after school one day. She notices a young boy with a bruised knee and tear-filled eyes. She approaches the boy and attempts to comfort him. Soon after, his older sister shows up and consoles him, takes his hand and leads him home. As they walk away, Rokuna thinks of how nice it would be to have a little brother. At home she tells her father flat out that she wants a little brother, causing her father to drop off a ladder. Before the issue can really be discussed, the monster signal goes off.

Cue the 70s Super Robot style launce sequence…

The protagonists arrive in the Wind Realm and receive an alert at once. While searching for the monster of the week, the Hundred Battle Centaur King, Rokuna encounters a small centaur child. They take him back to their camp where he hastily eats the food they offer him. Thinking the young centaur to be unfortunate, Rokuna tries to bond with him. The young centaur happily states his name is Kenta and complies to refer to Rokuna as "Big Sister", much to Rokuna's delight.

Meanwhile, our Terrible Trio had also received a signal from nearby and are scoping the area. However, whenever they receive a monster signal it is from a stampeding herd of centaurs which, in their rush to find the lost treasure, unwittingly proceed to trample the trio.

Back at our hero’s camp, Rokuna is enjoying having a "little brother". Mondo becomes irritated that Rokuna is focusing all her attention on doting upon Kenta, believing she is cheating. Kenta is quick to recognize Mondo's irritation and purposely provokes Mondo into losing his temper. The Professor requests that Mondo tolerates him for a while longer as this child may be able to lead them to the Hundred Battle Centaur King.

When confronted, Kenta is hesitant to reveal any information but Rokuna is able to persuade him to take them to see the Centaur King. Kenta in reality is lost, but won't admit this. They follow him into the forest but end up meeting a [Pythonic Viper?]. They manage to escape safely but once they catch their breath, Mondo calls out Kenta's bluff which escalates into an argument. Rokuna yells at them to stop it but ends up arguing with Mondo instead. When Kenta attempts pacify their bickering they respond by yelling at him to "stay out of this". Kenta becomes upset and gallops off alone which makes him an easy target for the terrible trio.

At the bank of a lake, Count Collection attempts to interrogate Kenta so that he may reveal the location of the item. Mondo and Rokuna show up to save Kenta but their presence provokes the entrance of the Swamp Hydra that happens to live in the lake. Our heroic duo are unable to merge with Hydra due to a lack of harmony between them and the Count's gang takes advantage of this dilemma to take possession of the creature.

While the Professor diverts its attention away by maneuvering the Stove Dragon amongst the heads, Rokuna, Mondo and Kenta are able to get a safe distance away from the Hydra. In this moment of calm the three are able to settle their quarrels. During this time of confession, Kenta reveals that he wasn’t being honest and that the Centaur King is his "Papa". He had run away from home and wasn't willing to return so soon.

Eventually, the Stove Dragon is knocked away and when the Hydra faces our heroes Kenta calls out for his Papa to save them. The Centaur King arrives quickly along with the other centaurs. Count Collection retaliates by summoning [Toxic Phantoms?] but the Centaur King uses his wind ability to disperse the Phantoms. Kenta requests that Papa allows Rokuna and Monda to merge with him in order to enhance his power. The Centaur King complies and after merging with our heroes he ask his son to fight at his side. Kenta accepts and the Centaur King allows him to stand upon his shoulder. From there he summons his own defensive spell to assist in the fight. The centaurs charge and with a single attack from the Centaur King, the Hydra is defeated and freed from Count Collection’s control and the day is saved thanks to the Mon Colle Knights.

Before saying farewell, Kenta explains that the reason he ran away was because he wanted a sister but his Papa said no. In the end Rokuna got a little brother and Kenta got a big sister and Mondo is embarrassed to realize he had thought cheating was going on. The Professor cuts in to ask the Centaur King if he would happen to have a Mon Mon Item, to which the Centaur King replies to with a negative. The Professor persists, stating that they were under the impression that the centaur clan were searching for a lost treasure. The Centaur King quickly responds that he was in indeed searching for the most precious treasure he owns, his son.


Oh Brother
  • The hero's "prepare to launch" sequence is extended with the use of spliced and seamed scenes from previous episodes. This is accompanied with the use of a "comedic" voice-over track.
  • During the extended scene stated above, the Professor informs us that the signal originates from the North-East corner of the Earth Realm which would thusly place the destination of our adventure in the Earth Realm.
  • Hundred Battle Centaur King is renamed King of a Hundred Battles.
  • The Aesop of today's adventure is: Everyone wishes for something they don't have, but be careful for what you wish for because sometimes, everyone gets exactly what they wanted.