Episode 15
夜空に吠えろ! ドラゴンズ
Howl in the night sky! Dragons
Episode 14 / Episode 16


The episode opens with Mondo over at the Hiiragi house. Here he has laid out some of his Monster Collection cards upon a workbench and is staring at them intently. Rokuna approaches him and asks what is troubling him. Mondo responds that he is thinking about that "cute" summoner girl from before. He recapitulates how she was able to summon monsters through the use of Monster Collection cards. He states that it might be possible to figure out how she does it. While he is saying this, Rokuna grows more and more irritated with Mondo for thinking about a particular "cute" girl, that is not herself, for so long.

Cue visual gag where Rokuna unleashing her pent-up irritation through a sudden appearance of lightning.

Professor Ichirobei bust in with something important to say but halts once he notices the condition of the scene. The room is wrecked and Mondo is crumpled face-down with a block on his head slightly twitching every now and then. Rokuna stands in an authoritative pose with her hands at her hips, occasionally emanating sparks of static discharge. The Professor asks if there is a problem and Rokuna replies with a negative and still seething, walks past the baffled Professor.

Cue the 70s Super Robot style launce sequence…

They end up in the Wind Realm where it is snowing heavily. Professor Ichirobei sits reading the [Mon World Almanac?] stating that it should be spring in the Wind Realm. Suddenly they hear a loud noise outside and they receive notice of a nearby Frost Dragon which appears to be the source of the over-abundance of snow. The Professor rants about how a dragon absolutely must have a Mon Mon Item, which Mondo and Rokuna are more than a little doubtful of. They go anyway, however, no one is dressed to for the weather and it's not long before the Professor is frozen solid.

Suddenly, the Frost Dragon appears and looms his head above the Knights. He questions who they are and why are they trespassing on his territory. Mondo bravely announces that they are the Mon Colle Knights and it is their job to keep the peace in Six Gates World. Hr then proceeds to question the dragon as to why he is not currently hibernating. The dragon replies that he is suffering from insomnia and can't sleep.
Just then, Count Collection and his company show up in their Katobi Lion. The dragon is too irritable to deal with such nuisances and summons and icy-wind to blow both parties away.

Afterwards, our Knights have set-up camp inside an igloo and have successfully thawed out the Professor. Mondo trips over a pile of snow which reveals to have been covering Beginner, the summoner from before. They invite her to join them inside for some soup. Despite no-one but Rokuna taking a liking to the mixture, Beginner insists that she is feels rejuvenated and would like to try summoning.

First she uses her Stone Circle for summoning but nothing immediately happens afterwards. The Professor asks if something went wrong and Beginner states that it occasionally it takes a bit of time for the spell to take affect. No sooner then she said this; a pillar a fire engulfs the nearby Stove Dragon. Beginner brushes this away as a little mishap and the others snap and yell at her to fix the problem she caused. Their loud voices cause an avalanche which pushes them further down the chasm.

The Knights rebuild camp and start brainstorming a new plan. Beginner eventually gets them to reluctantly allow her to try summoning again. This time she uses her cards to summon another dragon to assist them but it appears to have failed. At least until Beginner hears a noise and notices a little creature in a small crater of snow. The creature shakes off the snow revealing a small pair of wings much to the bafflement of our heroes. Beginner confirms that it is indeed a Storm Dragon but it's not quite what she expected.

While our heroes are dealing with these issues, Count Collection's team has also set up a camp similar to that of our heroes but with more finesse. While they are enjoying their miso soup, Chuzaemon pops up from the cooking pot. The little man proceeds to scold Count Collection.
Back at our Knights' camp, our hero's are worried about the little dragon. The Professor suggests that Beginner sends it back to where it came from, since she's responsible for bringing it here in the first place. Beginner agrees that it's her fault and picks up the small dragon and progresses to take it home. Only a few steps into her journey, she is halted by a sudden gust of wind. The source of which is the Frost Dragon who is now under the control of Collection.

Collection takes notice of the small dragon under Beginner’s protection and decides to capture it. As the Frost Dragon moves towards Beginner, over the wind the Mon Colle Knights’ speech can be heard and they perform their stock footage pose sequence. Collection is unimpressed and proceeds to attack but our heroes dodge his assault. Before Collection calls out another command, a strange call is heard from above. In a flash of lightning, a full-sized Storm Dragon makes its appearance. The little Storm Dragon calls out to the larger one and the big Storm Dragon charges at the Frost Dragon sending it airborne and out of the battlefield.

The Storm Dragon promptly descends in front of Beginner, still holding tight to the little dragon. The large dragon states that the dragon she is holding is his son and commands her to tell him why he is in her possession.  There is a violet gleam in his eyes and static discharges across his scales making him more intimidating. The Mon Colle Knights rush to her side and defend her by declaring that she was only trying to help them. But Beginner wishes to accept full responsibility for her actions and mistakes and asks for the Storm Dragon to forgive her. The Storm Dragon Child slips from Beginner's hold and hovers in front of the father dragon, easing him out of his menacing stance.

Behind the Storm Dragon, the Frost Dragon has returned and is still under Collection's control. Collection commands it to attack. Beginner takes notice of this and alerts Storm Dragon who reacts quickly and establishes a barrier and successfully repels the attack. The Storm Dragon thanks her and feels that since his child was well cared for, he is willing to work with the Knights.

The Mon Colle Knights unite with the Storm Dragon and a fight commences between the two dragons. When it appears that Collection's team has the upper hand, Beginner successfully summons a Fire Storm spell upon the Frost Dragon. This diversion allows the Storm Dragon to regain his composure and he delivers the finishing blow resulting in the Katobi Lion’s pink rose explosion. The day is saved thanks to the Mon Colle Knights.

After the battle, the sun is on the horizon with the ice reflecting its orange glow. The Storm Dragons and our hero's are exchanging thanks and farewells. The Professor slips in close to the father Storm Dragon and inquires if he happens to have or know of the location of a Mon Mon Item. The Storm Dragon replies the he does not have one but he suspects that the Earth Dragon might.



Count Collection orders "Frost Dragon" to attack with Diamond Dust. In reality, diamond dust is a meteorological phenomenon where a ground level cloud is composed of ice crystals. However, due to it being used as a freezing attack, this is more likely a shout out to Saint Seiya as Diamond Dust is a special technique of Cygnus Hyoga.

11. Beginner and The Snow Ram
  • The official order of the Saban adaption airs this after the subsequent episodes, regardless of country. This is not a network error of the US, it occurred in all countries and was ordered like this during the Jetix stream period as well.
  • The Saban edit opens with scenery footage from other episodes to set up the plot as taking place at night, this was most likely done to accommodate a visual gag involving lightning.
  • The hero's "prepare to launch" sequence is extended with the use of spliced and seamed scenes from previous episodes.
  • The launch sequence itself is replaced with one occurring at night to keep consistency with the introduction.
  • The professor announces they should get the Snow Ram aboard, and bring it to earth to use its magic for refrigerators, airconditioning, a chain of iceskating rings and hockey, which Mondo and Rockna at most seem to find a little unrealistic, if admirable for its vision. No mention is made of finding Monster Things or the questionable heroics of a goal that involves abduction and disrupting the natural order.
  • During the scene where our heroes' party attempt to consume Rockna's soup, the scene where Beginner lets the mixture spew back out is cut and replaced with an encore of the reaction scene from just moments before.
  • The flashback scene where Prince Eccentro captures the Snow Ram is shortened and moved to an earlier point. Now it takes place before the Snow Ram attacks Beginner as she sets off to the return the baby Storm Dragon.
  • During the final fight between the two dragons, a scene from another episode is added in to extend a comedic pause in the battle.
  • The scene where the Storm Dragon speaks to the Professor and we see a close up of his profile is flipped horizontally.
  • After learning that the Earth Dragon may have a Monster Item, an Utopian Eagle take-off scene is added.