Episode 06
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The episode opens with a bird’s eye view of our heroes’ school with a voiceover of Mondo calling out in shock. Cut to a shock reaction face of Mondo who is now gaping in horror at the carrot [which is supposed to be his lunch?] Rokuna approaches him and asks if he's alright, and he responds in with an embarrassed "it's nothing".

Later that day, the monster alert siren sounds-off in the middle of lessons and our heroes leave promptly despite their teacher's disapproval of their early departure.

Cue the 70s Super Robot style launch sequence…

Over the open plains of the wind realm, both our heroes and the Count and his gang receive notice of nearby monsters. Collection's team successfully locates and enchants a hippogriff. Our heroes on the other hand, receive notice of a Pegasus but can't locate it. They land and do a field-search for the monster. 

During their futile attempts at locating the monster, Mondo is suddenly licked from behind by a small equine creature. Mondo attempts the run from the creature but it chases after him as if playing a game. While trying to comprehend why the small horse is pursuing him, he rubs his hand against his back pocket and pulls out the carrot from earlier. Upon seeing the carrot, the small equine lets out a sound of delight and Mondo pitches it as far as he can, the creature bounds after it and Mondo slumps down in relief.

It's isn't long after that a piece of parchment happen to fly by and our young heroes give it to the Professor to read. [It's a promotion for a race on Cloud Island with a grand prize offered to the winner] Believing this to be a chance to get their hands on Mon-Mon item, our heroes promptly leave for Cloud Island.

The little equine notices their departure and pursues after them as fast as his stocky legs can carry him.

Upon arriving at Cloud Island, our heroes attempt to enter the race but are informed that the track is an aerial one and in order to participate one must be able to fly or ride a monster capable of flight. To illustrate his point, the service worker points at a recently entered participant who happens to be Count Collection upon his newly obtained Hippogriph.

Our heroes are determined not to be deterred but have no obvious means of qualifying for the race’s criteria. Suddenly, Mondo is once again licked from behind and turns around to see that somehow, the small equine from before has made its way the Cloud Island. The service worker suggests that they can use it to enter the race; after all it is a Pegasus. And it is revealed to our heroes that it does indeed posses an inconspicuous pair of wings.

And so, left with no other option, Mondo enters the race with Pegasus. At the start of the race, Mondo and Pegasus are left in the dust with Pegasus flapping his very un-aerodynamic wings with all his might but barely able to stay aloft.

At the head of the race, Count Collection is doing quite well. However, in order to secure first place, Batchii and Guuko use the Katobi Lion to knockout the competition.

While in last place, Mondo and Pegasus crash-land a little before the first checkpoint. Despite his exhaustion Pegasus still attempts to muster up the strength to continue the race. Recognizing Pegasus's effort the otherwise disheartened Mondo encourages him to try his best. They're in this together and will finish the race together, even if they have to go by foot.

Back in the stadium an announcer reveals the grand prize, a collection of handheld pinwheels. The stadium full of locals is filled with ecstatic cheers while Rokuna, the Professor and Chuzaemon are left bewildered. Chuzaemon radios Collection and alerts him that there is no Mon-Mon Item to be won. In his frustration Collection decides to set his sights on attacking Mondo while he is defenseless. 

Despite his own weakness Pegasus wishes to fight against Collection's team. This willingness the fight triggers him into an "evolutionary" state and he transforms into a more traditional Pegasus. Having seen Count Collection attacking Mondo on the holographic transmissions, Rokuna left the stadium and arrives on the scene, by use of the Stove Top Dragon Jr, in order to assist Mondo. The two merge with Pegasus and the three of them quickly defeat Collections' team.

Since all other participants had been already KOed by the Count's lackeys, the race is an easy victory for Mondo and the transformed Pegasus.


The Giant And The Steed
  • This episode was cut up and combined with another episode.
  • The prize was changed to be a trip to the water realm.