Episode 04
Merfolk's Magic Buzz Buzz Buzz!
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Our adventure today begins inside our heroes’ classroom where Miss Gokumare has a surprise for her students. She lifts the sheet concealing the object of interest, to reveal a glass-tank full of live frogs. Rokuna screams in horror as soon as they are revealed. Her distress worries her classmates and disrupts the lesson. Miss Gokumare is unsympathetic towards Rokuna’s phobia and insists that there is nothing to fear. Rockuna continues to scream but it is drowned out by the monster signal alarm. Rokuna and Mondo are vacuumed up into the Professors lab.

Cue the 70s Super Robot style launch sequence…

At the Count’s castle, Chuzaemon’s training session is interrupted by a monster signal and the Terrible Trio take-off with their own Robo launch sequence. They are transported to the Water Realm. Soon after their arrival, they hear an unusual melodic sound and locate the source to be a choir of merbishonen. Around the neck of one individual, is a blue gemstone pendent. The Count believes this to be a Mon Mon Item and the trio set out to steal the item.

Meanwhile, our heroes are aboard Stove Top Dragon Jr and are navigating through a jungle. They too hear the choir’s melody and the Professor receives notice that the Merman Boys are nearby and Mondo speeds up the aeroplane to find them. Unfortunately, this sudden acceleration takes the Professor by surprise and he falls off the small aeroplane.

Our heroes arrive to the scene just in time to prevent Count Collection from stealing the pendent. Batchii and Guuko return to the Katobi Lion and begin to attack the Mon Colle Knights with giant flyswatters. During the commotion, Count Collection proceeds to steal the pendent from the merman but Rukona wraps him up with her ribbon baton and sends him to Mondo who assaults him with his own weapon. 

Collection retreats to the Katobi Lion and the trio leaves in frustration. As thanks, the conductor of the Merman Boy Choir gives his pendent to the Knights.

From the cliff-edge above, the Professor calls out and he sees the pendent around Rokuna’s neck and exclaims it must be a Mon Mon Item. In his excitement, he moves too close to the edge and falls to the shore below.

The Katobi Lion rises from the ocean to make its grand re-entrance. He summons an army of Gill Men Riders to attack our heroes. The Mon Colle Knights provoke the Gill Men into pursuing them so that the Mermen can make their escape. Once the Mermen have dove into the ocean, the Professor commands that the Knights evacuate with him immediately but is interrupted by a monster notice. A Poison Toad appears from the thicket above and hops down to the shore, behind Rokuna.

Rokuna begins to panic and refuses to merge with a frog. Mondo tries to persuade her to overcome her phobia in order to defeat the Gill Men. Despite his pleas for her to perform the incantation with him, Rokuna continues to have a fit and this upsets the Poison Toad. Mondo reminds her that her stubbornness leaves the mermen at risk and they trusted her as a protector of peace, and she begins to calm down. She agrees to merge with the Poison Toad. 

After merging, the Gill Men assault the Poison Toad relentlessly. Rokuna’s fear is affecting her ability to assist the amphibian. The leader of the Merman Boy Choir sees their plight and conducts the others into singing a magical melody. This triggers a reaction from the pendent and it casts a spell that transforms the Gill Men into flies. The Professor reads aloud that the pendent isn’t a Mon Mon Item but a spell-charm crafted by the mermen and this spell-charm contains the power of polymorphing. The Poison Toad proceeds to eat the transfigured Gill Men with much glee and his actions are encouraged by the Mon Colle Knights.  With his army devoured, Count Collection flees the scene aboard the Katobi Lion and peace is restored thanks to the Mon Colle Knights.


Send In The Frogs