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The shows opens to a regular school, zooming in on a boy doting over his cards, while his voice over introduces himself as Mondo Ohya. Cue Rokuna. Mondo introduces her as a cute but scary girl, which is promptly put to show when she grumbles about how her mother left her father due to his card game obsession and unintentionally she frightens the entire class with her rage. Mondo draws her into love bubble land to soothe her down. The class just sighs at the ridiculous display and backs away. Cue Namiko Gokumare, introduced as 29 years old and still single by the Narrator. Initially cheerful, she is horrified to find Mondo and Rokuna in spotlights being romantic, and proceeds to utterly fail at breaking them up.

They are distracted by an explosion in the laboratory of Rokuna's faster, and rush over there, only to find Hiiragi to be alright. He launches into exposition about his scientific achievements while showing Mondo and Rokuna recordings of the six gates world.

Cut to the castle of Count Collection, who is hatching very similar plans. Before his minions he sends his own satellite into the Six Gates World, which promptly crashes with the Hiiragi satellite.

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Just Another Mon-day
  • During the introduction sequence, cut are Rokuna's introduction, the ghost light scene and the fluff scene. Instead, the romance light that startled Namiko Mrs Loon apparently came from the explosion in the laboratory, though by the time the camera zooms in, any smoke lost its glowing properties somehow.
  • During the laboratory scene, cut is any mention of the reason why they are going to the other universe.
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  • The cut up episode two is cropped and pasted onto episode one to make up for the time loss. See episode 2 for further cutting details.
  • Teppuou is renamed Squirt Fish.