The World of Six Gates ....

That of Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Holy and Demon,
Six elements within the laws of a mysterious world,
The encounter of many monsters in a wondrous world,
This tale is one of an adventure in a monster world,
This tale is one of the love and friendship of boys and girls, so it is!!

— The Narrator, heroically killing time to save the starving budget.

Once upon a time, there was a series of light novels written by Hitoshi Yasuda, involving monsters and people on the unhappy end of the sliding scale of Cynicism versus Idealism. The concept was inspired by the likes of Shin Megami Tensei, Magic The Gathering and the medieval Grimoriums, particularly the latter. Thus was born a franchise.

Franchise dissonance ensued when someone got the idea to make an anime for kids based on it; Group SNE ended up having to release a child friendly version of Monster Collection. Needless to say, the anime did not help the franchise much.

Rokumon Tengai Mon Colle Knight turned out a goofy creation with a serious undertone, which wasn't quite sure what its target demographic was. Here too girly, moe and fluffy for the boys, there too manly for the girls, some times too childish for the older kids and occasionally too dark for the younger kids, when it wasn't snarking at fans.

It was imported for the Western audience by Saban Entertainment and promoted as Mon Colle Knights / Caballeros Del Mundo Mon. The dub bombed at the ratings and some countries canceled it before it even finished airing.

All in all, the recipe for another one of those obscure anime that only a few fans remember. For them this wiki exists.

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